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Change in shipping costs

Shipping costs for orders outside of New Zealand have been increased in line with international shipping rates until we see a return to pre COVID shipping rates

Since we started in November 2018, our position in regard to shipping costs was to offer free shipping within New Zealand and Australia, and charge a NZD 100 flat fee for international orders.

From March 2020 we started experiencing consistent increases in international shipping rates for all international routes including New Zealand, and decided to hold off from making any changes to our shipping pricing policy thinking that (1) it was (and is) a great value proposition to you, and (2) that those increases would revert to pre COVID rates soon -and so we'd just take the hit temporarily.

As of October 2020, some shipping routes have indeed experienced a reduction and gradual return to previous shipping rates (with carriers going from rates based on weight, to rates based on volume (cubic meters), now back to weight*), however other -frequent routes for nscarbon, have recently announced their shift to volumetric rates, drastically increasing shipping costs.

Many of those increases affect our overall pricing, impacting profitability severely if changes are not made, and thus the reason to now charge a NZD 100 flat fee to orders shipped to Australia as well until we see a return to previous rates. We keep monitoring the situation, and expect increases in our international shipping rates to other regions if current rates are sustained.

A few examples:

- Average shipping cost/unit to AU pre COVID: NZD 50, post COVID: NZD 120

- Average shipping cost/unit to CAN pre COVID: NZD 115, post COVID: NZD 430

*Shipping rates based on weight are more favorable to nscarbon as carbon wheels are light (low weight, low rate), however they do take some space (big cartoon, big rate)

This post will be updated, along with our internal pricing, to reflect changes in shipping rates, ensuring we can still bridge the gap between performance and affordability, in a way that is financially sustainable.

Thanks for your continued support,

The nscarbon team

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