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Team Announcement - Chris Dunn

We are excited to announce a new chapter in our business story as we welcome Chris Dunn to the team, who is joining as our General Manager Oceania. He has come aboard to own and deliver the NSC experience for our growing base of customers here in NZ, Australia and the Pacific Islands, while also supporting our international sales customers in the interim.

Chris is a competitive triathlete, having twice represented NZ at ITU World Champs. He is an avid cycling gear enthusiast and intimately knows the ins and outs, nuances and requirements of performance cycling. He has a wealth of knowledge on what matters out on the bike and is excited to be getting up to speed with the NSC family of wheel sets. Chris has a background in digital marketing and product management. “I’ve used NS Carbon wheels since not long after the brand's inception. I’ve enjoyed watching the brand develop over the last 2 years and am extremely excited to be part of the next chapter in NS Carbon’s evolution."

(Pictured: What a keen athlete he is!)

The journey onwards

This is a truly exciting turn for us at Negative Split, as this gives our team the energy to continue to turn its outlook global, where we hope to reach and connect with more customers in other cycling markets. Building on the base we have developed at home in NZ, we are feeling well poised to bring our wheels to a wider network of avid cyclists looking to up their riding game. If you know someone overseas who you think would benefit from our wheels, let them know!

The NSC mission

We aspire to make the carbon wheel more accessible than ever and be a cyclist’s most obvious choice for joining the world of carbon wheels – this means making the first steps to learning about carbon easier, making the price point more affordable, and offering easier pathways to getting started, like short term rentals and rent-to-own programmes.

We are thankful for everyone who has been part of our journey so far, most notably our customers and athletes who use our products with trust, and whose feedback help us improve and keep us moving forward. We’ve got more in the pipeline, and we love hearing from you on how we can improve, so keep in touch with us!

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